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Septic Tank Pumping Inspection and Installation Company

Saving Septics is #1 to get the job done!

Septic Tank Pumping Service Company for Pumping, Inspection, and Installation!

Saving Septics

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Saving Septics

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P Cretu
P Cretu
July 2022
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"We called Saving Septic and they were very responsive. They came withing 2 hours, when everyone said they will come tomorrow. They did an awesome job of draining our septic tank and advising us on how to use it efficiently. We were very happy with their service!"
A Song
A Song
August 2022
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"It was a good service and reasonable price. I recommend this company."
S Jenkins
S Jenkins
July 2022
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"Punctuality, Responsiveness, Value Septic pump and filter."

Best Job Septic Tank Pumping Service!

  • Honest Prices for Septic Tank Pumping Service with Quality Septic Tank Service like Septic Inspections and Installations in or near your local Georgia area.


Septic Tank Pumping

Whether you need regular septic tank pumping service (which a septic tank should be pumped every 3-5 years) or you need emergency septic tank pumping because your septic system backed up and you have sewage problems, Saving Septics is available 24/7!


Saving Septics provides you with a genuine, honest, and hassle-free Septic Tank  Pumping Service! This means that you will get an awesome price on septic tank pumping costs as well as many other Septic Tank Services.

In addition to pumping your septic tank, you may be in need of a repair to your septic system as well. We have licensed fully trained professional septic home advisors to make repairs to your septic tank or septic system so that your household will be flowing like new again! So, give us a call! We’re here to Save your Septic Tank!

Riser Installation
Septic Tank or Drain Field Installation

If you’re building that new dream home and need a new septic tank installed, our Septic Tank Service Company provides new septic tank and drain field installation.

Or, if you need to replace a broken septic tank, and you’re in deep doo, then call Saving Septics to the rescue! We honestly hope your septic system doesn’t break, but as you know, ~~~~ happens! And if it does, we’re the Septic Tank Service Company to call, as our Saving Septics team can pump, repair, or install!

If you’re buying a home you should get the septic tank inspected. The septic tank system may be working properly, but this is something you would want to be sure of before the purchase is complete. Saving Septics has licensed Septic Inspectors to make sure the septic system isn’t in need of repair or pumping. So, call us to have your Septic Tank Inspection done quickly and thoroughly!

Septic Tank Inspection

About Us

  • We’re a family owned and operated septic tank pumping service business. We went into the septic tank business because our new septic tank started to fail after 4 years. It was hard to find a trustworthy and fair septic tank pumping service company.

After our personal experience with other Septic Service Companies, we decided to provide septic tank pumping, repairs, inspections, and installations with genuine, honest, and up front services!


Saving Septics is determined to save as many septic tank systems as possible and to educate you, so you only have to use us for your 3-5 year septic tank pumping.

We honestly hope you don’t have septic system problems, but if you do, we’re here for you 24/7, so give us call or text anytime! Whether you have a septic tank emergency, need a septic inspection or installation, or just need a simple septic tank pumping service, we would love to be your #1 Septic Tank Service Company!

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