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Saving Septics Provides:

Septic Tank Installation

Best Price Septic Installation whether you need a new Septic Tank Installed or a replacement Septic System Installation. We can do it all!

And our Septic Installation come with a warranty too!

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Verified Home Advisor Review By:
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Septic Tank Installations for homeowners or builder contractors with a warranty

Best Septic Installation - New or Replacement

  • Not only does Saving Septics provide services for your septic repairs, pumping or inspections, we also do septic installation! If you’re building that new dream home and need a new septic tank installed, Saving Septics does new septic tank installations. We also provide a warranty!

Or, if you need to replace a broken septic tank, and you’re in deep doo, then call Saving Septics to the rescue! We will send a personal home inspector advisor to give you a free estimate for the cost to replace your septic tank. We honestly hope your septic system doesn’t break, but as you know, ~~~~ happens! And if it does, we’re the Septic Tank Company to call, as Saving Septics can pump, repair, or install!

Our Saving Septics personal home inspector advisor can survey your property to determine the best location for your new septic tank installation, as there are many stipulations and guidelines to abide by to dispose of the waste from you sewage system.

We can also obtain a permit for your job if a permit is required. Keep in mind, that after a permit has been issued, any grading, filling, or other site modifications which would adversely affect the sewage system may render the permit void.

Septic Tank and drain or absorption field design

Location For Septic Installation

  • When you are considering the septic system layout, there are many factors in making the correct decision of where the septic tank installation and drain or leach fields should be placed. Your Saving Septics personal home inspector advisor will assess the layout of your property and tell you the best place to install your septic tank system whether you are building a home or have to replace a broken septic tank or drain field.

    Thought should be given to the following for septic installation:

Location and elevation of the plumbing stub-out.

Slope of the land.

Property line locations

Location of wells.

Location of springs, bodies of waters, and streams.

Location of water supply lines.

Location of trash pits and other factors which may adversely affect your septic system.

Replacement area for future absorption field.

Septic Tank Installs

Septic Tank Construction Details

  • The septic tank is the first component of an on-site sewage management system.

Septic tanks are generally pre-cast with concrete and delivered to the construction site. However, septic tanks can be poured in place when necessary.

All septic tanks must be constructed to standards set by the state and must have two compartments with the first compartment designed to contain at least 2/3 of the total liquid capacity of the tank.

Regardless of the tank construction the minimum liquid capacity of a septic tank for one to four bedroom single family homes shall be not less than one-thousand gallons.

The septic tank capacity shall be increased by two hundred and fifty gallons for each additional bedroom over four.

Where garbage grinders are used, the septic tank capacity shall be increased by fifty percent.

By design the outlet of a septic tank should be two inches lower than the inlet.

Septic tank installation must be placed on undisturbed earth, must be level, and constructed to prevent surface water from entering the tank.

Septic Tank Layout Requirements for installation

Setback Requirements For A Septic System

  • From wells and springs – a minimum of 50′ from septic tanks and a minimum of 100′ from absorption field

From property lines – a minimum of 10′ from septic tanks and a minimum of 5′ from the absorption fields for property served by public water. Absorption lines installed on property served by individual wells must be 50 feet from adjacent property lines unless development is preplanned to maintain the required buffer distance between wells and on site sewage management systems on adjacent properties.

From bodies of water or impoundments – a minimum of 25′ from septic tanks and a minimum of 50′ from absorption fields.

From streams or tributaries- a minimum of 25′ from septic tanks and a minimum of 50′ from absorption fields.

From ponded wetlands – a minimum of 50 feet for absorption fields.

Buildings with a basement shall require a septic tank and absorption fields placement a minimum of 10 feet from the foundation.

Buildings without a basement shall allow an absorption field placement a minimum of 5 feet from the foundation.

Installing a new septic tank

Advantages New Septic Tank Installation

  • Of course, purchasing anything new will have fewer problems. Not only will your septic tank last longer, but as the installer of your new septic  tank, we will keep records of when it was installed, so that we can remind you when it may need new a filter cleaning or pumping.

With Saving Septics, you will receive our friendly service of reminders and 24/7 phone service for questions. Our reminder service is to simply take the load off of you, so that you don’t have to worry about the care for your tank. Let us handle that for you. We only want to make sure that you have a healthy tank because as we say “a healthy tank leads to a healthy environment”.

Offering warranties on older septic tanks installed by previous companies makes it a bit more challenging for us as it is hard to know the exact condition of the tank. The older the tank, the more possibilities for it to have leaks.

Of course, Saving Septics will always be honest about the condition of the components of your tank no matter what. This is one of the many advantages of choosing Saving Septics as your local septic tank professional provider.

Septic Tank System Inspector home advisor with warranty
Septic Tank Warranty

Septic Tank Installation For Contractors

  • We, at Saving Septics, know and understand that as a contractor, time is money! So, we don’t play around when it comes time to get your Septic Tank System designed, permitted, installed, and inspected! We do what it takes to get the job done quickly and efficiently!

We give a Warranty with our Septic System Installation!

We have septic tank inspectors approved and recommended by the State to make the process go smoother and faster, as we know the septic system design, installation, and inspection is the first step in determining everything else about your building project.

We have septic tank system installers, so Saving Septics will be there throughout your septic project to the very end.

We will continue to provide for the person who actually buys the property by reminding and providing for them the service they need to keep their septic systems in working order!

We offer many options for new septic tank installation for building contractors. Whether you have a lot of space or a limited amount of space to install a septic tank system, we can take care of it for you.

So, call us for ALL your septic tank system construction needs!