Septic Tank Pumping Done Right!

Septic Tank Pumping Done Right

Septic Tank Pumping Done Right!

Did you have your Septic Tank Pumping Done Right? In order to pump your septic tank correctly, we have to dig up and get to the septic tank lid to remove it. We can then access the septic tank itself to pump it out.

If someone tells you that they can pump the tank from a little 4 inch pipe or clean out, then they are NOT actually pumping your tank and you should beware!

Also, if a septic company DOES pump the tank out correctly, it’s a good idea to stay and watch to make sure they don’t pump the septic BACK into your tank. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. It’s sad, but not everyone is honest.

Saving Septics is here to Save your Septic tank and to Save you as much money as possible by pumping your septic tank correctly! You have our word on that!

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